Wireless Water Pressure & Transient Pressure Monitor

for comprehnsive water pressure monitoring

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TracWater Water Pressure & Transient Pressure Monitors are a wireless, cloud enabled solution for monitoring pressure and transient pressure in a compact, 4G and battery-powered package. Our integrated pressure sensor design enables a powerful, small form-factor package that can be deployed anywhere in your water network.

with TracWaters Wireless Water Pressure & Transient Pressure Monitors 

you get.....

Real-time Monitoring

Detailed pressure data is collected and monitored, saving the cost of visiting sites and downloading data. Transient pressure events are measured at 100 times a second and can trigger automatic alerts. 

Alerts and Notifications

Leak detection reports and transient pressure events can be triggered in real-time providing an early warning system.

Geo-mapping Capabilities

Location coordinates can be mapped automatically with the GPS option or added manually in the TracWater online portal.


TracWater's Information-Aa-A-Service provides immediate access to real-time, geomapped, interactive water pressure information in the TracWater online portal. The built-in transient pressure sensor measures pressure 1,000 times per second and visualisation charts plot them with a recorded data interval of 100 times per second. Users can configure alert notifications based on transient pressure events or high/low pressure trends.

TracWaters Pressure & Transient Pressure Online Portal Data Summary Examples



  • Non-revenue water mitigation projects

  • Potable and recycled water networks

  • Water storage monitoring

  • Irrigation lines for farms, golf courses, hotels and resorts

  • Water parks

  • Measurement and verification of water supply pressure to commercial properties and industrial operations.

TracWater Water Pressure & Transient Pressure Monitor uses a built-in pressure sensor to make rapid and accurate pressure and transient pressure monitoring anywhere in a water network. 



Cloud-Enabled Wireless Pressure + High Speed Transient Pressure Monitor

Continuously monitor water pressure and check against target values 24/7 365 days.

High speed detection, logging and notification of pressure transients.

Comes with TracWater Information-As-A-Service, which provides immediate access to real-time data, full analysis capabilities, remote settings configuration, alerts setup and secure data storage.

Quick-fit pressure hose connection.

Flexible installation options; units can be permanently installed or used as portable units with built-in GPS tracking.

Alert notifications by email or SMS.

A proven combination of engineering design and high-quality components with several years of continuous operation, including submersion during flood events.

External antenna jack.

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