Wireless Solar Powered Flow Meter

for smart flow meters in remote areas


TracWater Wireless Solar Powered Flow Meters can provide a proven field-ready solar power solution for accurate powered flow meters, with the additional benefit of wireless transmission of data to the TracWater online portal.

with TracWater's Wireless Solar Flow Meters you get.....

Accurate Measurements

Accurate measurement of water or trade waste flow where it was previously considered cost-prohibitive because of the lack of access to power.

Data from Remote Areas

A simple solution to add smart monitoring on remote pipelines. Anywhere from water storage sites through to supply points.

Geo-mapping Capabilities

Geo-mapped data can enhance non-revenue water accounting by automatically comparing flow volumes passing through downstream flow meters and issuing alert notifications for discrepancies.



All installations are connected to the TracWater online portal via 3G or 4G.  Data will be scanned automatically for flow anomalies or breaches of user-configured alerts. Our online portal provides immediate access to geomapped, real-time, interactive data in a user-friendly interface. In addition, data can be integrated with existing SCADA systems or databases.

TracWaters Flow Meter Online Portal Summary Example


  • Water distributors monitoring flow volumes from reservoirs.

  • Water utilities monitoring flow between DMZ boundaries.

  • Non-revenue water analysis.

  • Commercial properties

  • Industrial sites

  • Food and beverage manufacturing

  • Theme parks

  • Golf courses

  • Hotels and resorts

TracWaters Wireless Solar Powered Flow Meters are perfect for commercial and industrial operators, who have remote points of water supply or remote trade waste discharge points and who are still being billed based on estimate calculations by their water utility.



Cloud-Enabled Wireless Solar Powered Flow Meters

Battery power and wireless communication enable accurate meters to be located exactly where they are needed.

Proven history with popular flow meters: Siemens MAG 5000, Siemens MAG 6000 and Siemens MAG 8000

For each project, we fabricate and pre-assemble as many components as possible to streamline on-site works. We can accommodate design customisations to suit any application.

This is a proven combination of in-house engineering design and high-quality components with several years of continuous operation in the field, including submersion during flood events.


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