Pump & Motor Management System

for maximum efficiency and load control



Water pumping costs can be up to 40-50% of energy costs for some businesses. TracWater's Pump and Motor Management System embraces a proactive approach to the reduction of water pumping energy costs. Using TracWater's online portal for tracking water use and costs, combined with our MeterTrac online portal for monitoring energy use and costs, provides you with the ultimate water and energy tracking solution.

the Pump & Motor Management System gets you.....

Real-time power and water monitoring

TracWater and MeterTrac give you the power to get utility meter readings in real time from anywhere in the world using wireless and the cloud. TracWater and MeterTrac software enables automatic registration and synchronisation of devices so you can instantly start monitoring power and water from any of your devices.

Saving money on water and power bills

Conserve water and power consumption and reduce wastage by ensuring appropriate and efficient pump use, combined with energy supply strategies to ensure correct motor functionality. By having the right equipment running at optimum efficiency, could save your business thousands of dollars annually.    

Extended equipment life

TracWater and MeterTrac cloud-based real-time monitoring and alerts help with the generation of predictive systems to easily keep on top of equipment maintenance, extend electronic motor life and continue to maintain optimum running efficiency.


TracWater provides "cloud-based" smart water metering and sensing systems, and MeterTrac offers "cloud-based" smart power metering and monitoring systems. They include all software, hardware and wireless communication modules giving you quick, easy and affordable access to all the water and power information you need to start running your business as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Recorded meter data is automatically sent to TracWater and MeterTrac's management system where predictive data engines use advanced algorithims to examine the data, generate user friendly interactive live dashboards and provide abnormal event detected alerts. Any number of power and water meters/sensors can be monitored no matter where they are located.



  • Water management and conservation

  • Energy monitoring and management

  • Construction and Mining

  • Drilling Wells and Bores

  • Industrial manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Theme parks

  • Large scale commercial properties, e.g. shopping centres and office towers

Suitable for all industrial & commercial sites​. TracWater has achieved annual cost savings in the hundreds of thousands for some of our clients around the world. 



Wireless Pump & Motor Management System 

Wireless water meter transmitters and wireless smart power monitoring products 

Economical and Reliable: quick & easy to install, no cables to run

Expandable System - easy to add more meters


Accurate real-­time data upload with alarm/alert notifications, including leak detection. 

Cellular, WiFi communication, no field data collection required (communication modules: WiFi and 4G types are available.

Auto-delivery of incomplete uploads to ensure no data loss

Directly uploads log files to TracWater and MeterTrac servers

TracWater and MeterTrac can push data to SCADA, BMS and other systems

TracWater and MeterTrac IAAS cloud-based platform for configuration, operation, monitoring, alarm, control and data analysis

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