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Portable “in-ground”

Water Quality Analyser.

Australian designed and built at the Gold Coast, Queensland for use in Australia’s harsh conditions and to be super-easy easy to install and move between sites Systems proven with over 7½ years of fault-free 24/7/365 remote deployment in Australia and other countries.

  • Versatile
    • Designed for permanent installations and have operated remotely in the field for over 400,000 fault-free hours.

    • No TracWater® measurement data has ever been lost even during the most severe floods and cyclonic weather events.

    • Designed for a twenty-year operational life by engineers with real experience in the field every TracWater® robotic water analyser is strongly built.

  • Usability

    • Contains temperature, pH, free chlorine, choice of electrical conductivity or

    • ORP, pressure, transient pressure, remote controllable sample flow timing,

    • Threshold alerts and alarms, SMS and email communication, heartbeat,

    • Communication signal strength, battery life, and flow sensors all as standard

  • Reliable and accurate 
    • “Cloud-based plug & play” - automatically connects to award-winning,industry-leading TracWater® IAAS (Information As A Service)

    • Factory set for all sensors to measure every 5 minutes and to report every 4 hours (users can remotely change on the cloud to whatever setting is required).

  • Secure
    • TracWater® water quality data, which we supply as Information-As-A-Service, is the convergence of electronic security with cybersecurity.

    • Protected to comply with the Federal Government Australian Signals Directorate’s cloud computing security risk profiles.

  • Low Power
    • runs all wireless communications and all sensors 24/7 for up to 5 years on a rechargeable battery.


  • TracWater TWIG 1A

  • TracWater TWIG 1A plus

  • TracWater TWIG 1A special consideration

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