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Water Quality Monitoring


Underground Sewer and Trade Waste Management


Geo-mapped Pressure Monitoring

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High-Speed Cloud Data Monitoring


TracWater Trusted Partner For Real-Time Cloud Intelligence And Water 

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If you have data gaps in your current SCADA, Building Management System, Plant Control System, Energy Management System or wireless field monitoring regime - talk to us.

If you need real-time wireless data from any existing sensor, meter, device or database - talk to us.

If you need a remote wireless network of connected things economically and fast - talk to us.

If you are not managing your assets on the cloud and don't know where to begin - talk to us 


We can show you TracWater in action and show you how to quickly leverage valuable cloud-based measurement & verification, automated data monitoring algorithms and alert capabilities to help improve your business operations.


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Wireless Water Quality Robots

TracWater wireless, cloud-enabled, Water Quality Analysers provide real-time monitoring of important water quality parameters anywhere in your water network.


Wireless Underground Sewer Monitor

TracWater wireless, cloud-enabled, Underground Sewer Monitors are compact, battery-powered systems, specially designed for installation in underground channels of sewer, trade waste or wastewater.


Wireless Solar Powered Flow Meter

TracWater wireless, cloud-enabled Solar Powered Flow Meters are utility-grade flow meters for remote water and trade waste lines.


Wireless Water Pressure Monitor

TracWater wireless, cloud-enabled Pressure Monitors provide real-time tracking and geo-mapping of water pressure trends and variations in your water and sewerage network.

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Wireless Pressure & Transient Pressure Monitor

TracWater wireless, cloud-enabled Pressure & Transient Pressure Monitors enable real-time tracking and geomapping of water pressure trends and transient pressure events in your water network.


Wireless Groundwater Sensor

TracWater wireless, cloud-enabled Groundwater Sensors provides real-time monitoring and geo-mapping of entire groundwater distribution networks.


Pump & Motor Management System 

TracWater and MeterTrac come together in a cloud-based solution that profiles your electric motor power demand to establish operational efficiency and to alert of impending maintenance problems. Monitoring pump flows comparing with operational power efficiency helps to identify problems and improve pump asset management.

Gain immediate benefits from TracWater's real-time Information-As-A-Service


Real-time and accurate remote water quality measurements


Save on the cost of new computer hardware and software

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Flow meters and pressure monitoring at any location, even beyond SCADA limits.

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We manage data security for you, as stipulated in Australian Signals Directorate guidelines

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Transient pressure detection 1,000 times per second.

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Devices and communications are designed for plug 'n play commissioning - I.T. department is not required.

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Automatic intelligent monitoring is provided based on evolving data analytics, algorithms and user-configured alert settings.

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Start immediately on any internet-connected device.

TracWater High-Speed Cloud Data Monitoring

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We engineered TracWater Information-As-A-Service to be a fully integrated cloud platform of remote sensors packaged with secure wireless communication and powered by batteries. 

Our service has operated reliably and kept all data since 2012 and we continue to improve every aspect of it as new technologies are developed.

TracWater Information-As-A-Service is used by commercial and industrial operations, water utilities and healthcare facilities, agriculture and food production with devices deployed in metropolitan cities, regional towns and remote areas across Australia and around the world.

How Tracwater system works

Step 1

Select the sensor, flow meter or analyser that you need. With the plug 'n play capability you will instantly and securely stream data to your TracWater online portal.

Step 2

We will supply you with your own credentials to access your user friendly TracWater online portal where you can see real-time information, analyse trends and configure alerts and reports.

Step 3

In addition to the alerts programmed by you, our intelligent TracWater algorithms constantly scan for measurement value anomalies, physical security of devices and wireless network availability. 

Step 4

Now, you can map as many data points into your TracWater system as you like and start benefiting from the unprecedented quantity and quality of information from your water and wastewater networks. 

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Request a free demonstration

Request a demonstration of TracWater to discover and embrace the future of smart water management. See how big data can help you make better and faster management decisions. And, we'll show you real cases where we helped radically improve water usage and water quality.


 OzGreen Energy (developers and owners of MeterTrac and TracWater cloud technology platforms)  were chosen as one of the "Top 10 Utility Service Providers for the APEC Region 2017"

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Contact TracWater first for your water monitoring solutions. We are an Australian company and in 2017 we were awarded a place in the Top 10 APAC Utilities Technology Solution Providers. 

Our knowledge of wireless, cloud-based water measurement and verification is second-to-none. It represents a decade of dedicated cloud water metering and monitoring research and manufacturing  and real-life experience from "plug and play" cloud metering solutions in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.

We design, build, own and operate some of the smartest cloud-based utility cost-reduction systems which we make globally accessible to our clients and partners. We are always working on new algorithms, automated learning, and new ways of managing information streams to help our customers. 

TracWater can help you with all sorts of affordable and clever cloud-based wireless solutions for water, power, gas, compressed, air, equipment condition monitoring, pump, management, tank level management etc .If you need it monitored in real-time - we can most likely do it.

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